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Abalone Production Supervisor - Big Island Abalone
Hawaii, USA - 10 Dec 2010

Position Available: Abalone Production Supervisor (Aquaculture)

Job Requirements:

Position requires a strong background in commercial molluscan aquaculture and large-scale aquaculture facility operation (at least 5 years experience). Abalone Supervisor will work directly under the Production Directors, and interface actively with other company supervisors and managers to facilitate smooth day-to-day operations of the facility. In addition to performance of essential job functions (below), the Production Supervisor will act in a support role as needed for other non-essential job functions.

Other basic requirements include:

-Strong Zoology background and a good knowledge of basic laboratory techniques and equipment

-Strong organizational and communication skills: verbal and written

-Intermediate to advanced computer PC skills with an emphasis on Word and Excel software.

-Ability to multi-task and work independently; but also work in a team environment as required.

-Familiarity with standard aquaculture and farm equipment, e.g. pumps, filtration, PVC plumbing, etc.

-Ability to work long hours in outdoor conditions.

-Physical fitness; ability to lift and carry up to 70 lbs.

Essential Duties:

-Assist and supervise abalone production crews on all facets of abalone grow-out practices, including but not limited to general husbandry, inventory management (update and manage databases and assess performance), and grading.

-Assess growing conditions of abalone, including subjective assessments of systems, density, health, temperature, aeration and quantitative monitoring of water quality.

-Develop and improve procedures to ensure optimal growing conditions and reduce risks of disease and loss.

-Interface with Production Directors and Managers on abalone transfers and inventory management issues relative to density and feeding.

- Responsible for scheduling feeding, cleaning, grading and other duties for section under supervision.

-Assist in planning and implementation of ongoing research on production systems.

- Interface with Production Directors on labor requirements and utilize labor as allocated

- Establish, implement and fine tune Standard Operational Procedures for new systems in area of supervision

All other duties as assigned, including but not limited to:

- Emergency Response

- Rotate in weekend checks

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Relocation assistance is available

Must have a legal authorization to work in the U.S.

Send resume to cviljoen@bigislandabalone.com