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1. There shall be two types of awards by IAS.

(a) an IAS medal, to be awarded to researchers for an outstanding record of published contributions to abalone research, and

(b) life membership of IAS, to be awarded to persons who have made extensive "career" contributions in areas such as abalone research, the abalone industry, abalone aquaculture, or the management or administration of any of the above.

Past recipients include:

1997 - Scoresby Shepherd (IAS Life Membership)
1997 - Nagahisa Uki (IAS Life Membership)
1997 - Martín Ortíz-Quintanilla (IAS Life Membership)
2000 - Zong Qing Nie (IAS Life Membership)
2003 - Ricardo Searcy-Bernal (IAS Medal)
2003 - Robert Day (IAS Medal)
2006 - Daniel Morse (IAS Medal)
2006 - Tomohiko Kawamura (IAS Medal)
2006 - John McMullen (IAS Life Membership)
2012 - Peter Cook (IAS Life Membership)
2012 - Sergio Guzmán del Proó (IAS Life Membership)
2012 - Dr. Mia J. Tegner (IAS Life Membership)
2012 - Peter Britz (IAS Medal)
2012 - Rodney Roberts (IAS Medal)
2015 - Lauara Rogers-Bennet (IAS Life Membership)
2015 - Caihuan Ke (IAS Medal)
2018 - Guofan Zhang (IAS Medal)

(Note: Abalone research means research on abalone or other species which form part of an abalone's niche (eg predator, prey, parasite, commensal, disease or associated organism).

2. Awards shall be made only at an International Abalone Symposium (normally held triennially).

3. Decisions on IAS awards shall be made by an IAS Awards Committee, comprising the President, the Vice President, any Past-Presidents who are still active, and the Secretary.

(Note: where any of the IAS Awards Committee are themselves a candidate for an IAS award, that person shall withdraw from the committee and the President, after consultation with the other committee members, shall appoint a replacement for that member)

4. In good time, before an international symposium, the Secretary shall seek, from the membership of IAS, nominations for the above awards via the web, list server, or by notice to country representatives of the international committee of IAS. Notices to members must include a closing date for nominations.

5. Nominations may be sent to the Secretary directly, or via a country representative, and shall include a statement outlining the suitability of the candidate for the award for which the nominee is nominated, and a CV containing all relevant information for such award.

6. The Secretary shall verify with country representatives (or other persons as he/ she considers appropriate) that the nominations contain all relevant information and shall forward the nominations to members of the Awards Committee.

7. The Awards Committee shall consider the nominations, taking into account, in the case of publications, their significance and impact, and shall make recommendations to the President. The Awards Committee may recommend up to two awards in each category, but may decide to make no recommendation.

8. Should the Awards Committee not be able to reach consensus on the awards, the President shall retain a casting vote on both categories of award. The awards will be duly made at the next International Abalone Symposium.